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This is a list of the random abbreviations and words that you may see around VHR, in-game/forums/chat.


SB - Starting bid (Price the bidding starts out at)
HB - Highest bid (The current highest bid placed)
BIN - Buy it now (A set price that you can buy it straight away)
MBI - Minimum bid increase (The amount that the bidding can increase by)


ACD - American Cream Draft
ACL - A Cowboys Legend
ApQH - Appendix Quarter Horse
AQH - American Quarter Horse
Arab - Arabian
ASB - American Saddlebred
ASD - Appaloosa Spotted Draft
AWB - American Warmblood
AWP - American Walking Pony
BRM - British Royal Mount
BSH - Brazilian Sport Horse
BqSH - Barqsilicious Stock Horse
CCA - Companion Cavalryhorse of Alexander
Campy - Campolina
CWB - Canadian Warmblood
DF - Delightful Fresian
CCA - Companion Cavalry horse of Alexander
DoC - Descendant of Comanche
DoMoW (DMW) - Descendant of Man o War
DWB - Dutch Warmblood
GAS - Golden American Saddlebred
GD - Gypsy Drum
GVH - Gypsy Vanner Horse
GWB - German Warmblood
Hano - Hanoverian
HoH - Horse of Hades
HWB - Hungarian Warmblood
ID - Irish Draft
IHD - Italian Heavy Draft
ISH - Irish Sport Horse
ITB - Irish Thoroughbred
ITH - Irish Tinker Horses
Nerd- Awesome Equinerd
NFP - New Forest Pony
NF - Norwegian Fjords
NSH - National Show Horse
OIS - Odins Ice Steed
RotK - Ride of the Knight
SB - Standardbred
STB - Spanish Thoroughbred
SWB - Swedish Warmblood
TB - Thoroughbred
Teke - Akhal-Teke
TWH - Tennessee Walking Horse
VSH - Vienna Show Horse
WB - Warmblood
WWB - Witchy Warmblood

Chat Speak

lol - Laugh out loud
lmao - Laugh my ass off
lmfao - Laugh my freaking ass off
omg - Oh my god
rofl - Rolling on the floor laughing
roflmfao - Rolling on the floor laughing my freaking ass off
wtf - What the frick
ftw - For the win
btw - by the way
fyi - for your information
brb - Be right back
afk - Away from keyboard
imo - In my opinion
imho - In my honest opinion


BC - Birth Cap
CCG - Colour Colt Guarantee
CFG - Colour Foal Guarantee
OP (Mod) - Operator
OTTB - Off-Track Thoroughbred
WIP - Work in progress (Normally seen as progress steps in completing a picture)


fg - fairly good
g - good
vg - very good
eg - extremely good
sup/s - superb
fant/f - fantastic
extro/ex/e - extraordinary
am/a - amazing
inco/i - inconceivable